We advise our clients on process technology selection. In addition, we help our clients find the most suitable process for gas/LNG projects that covers both technical and commercial aspects of the project. This is in line with our well-established commitment to deliver high-quality solution and recommendation that are based on meticulous and all-encompassing analysis combined with our unique background and decades of experience in gas/LNG industry. This invariably results in our clients receiving an integrated evaluation and recommendation with deep insights.



We act as a representative for our clients in performing various various strategic and technical roles and tasks. These include from being a PMC during project execution to commissioning for reviewing and monitoring progress and quality of project construction phase in an effort to ensure that all project components fully comply with the implementation of legal, financial, technical requirements. Our interdisciplinary field associates are accustomed to work in many areas of project management and supervision, enabling us to provide our clients with a full range of project management services.



We have also been recognized as one of the industry’s leading consultants in investment advisory. We advise our clients who wish to invest in gas/LNG business on many aspects involved in making such investments. Our expert consultants help companies make sense of their investments; our investment advisory services include feasibility study, professional opinion, contract development and negotiation, business development plan, economic evaluation & analysis, project due diligence, risk assessment and mitigation, and industry mapping.



We believe that good human capital development plays a pivotal role in helping any business grow and gain competitive advantage. In the are of human capital development, our clients receives the opportunity to tap our extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and connections. Our human capital development service includes training and workshop in many areas of knowledge, and competency-based development. Our human capital development resources can also be accessed via a comprehensive Knowledge Management System (KMS) that are made exclusively available for our distinguished clients.