We advise our clients on process technology selection. In addition, we help our clients find the most suitable process for gas/LNG projects that covers both technical and commercial aspects of the project. This is in line with our well-established commitment to deliver high-quality solution and recommendation that are based on meticulous and all-encompassing analysis combined with our unique background and decades of experience in gas/LNG industry. This invariably results in our clients receiving an integrated evaluation and recommendation with deep insights.

Our project consulting experiences provide more detail information regarding how we have helped our respectful clients achieve their requirement.
• AGRU and LNG Process Technology Selection
• Gasification Process Technology Selection



We act as a representative for our clients in performing various various strategic and technical roles and tasks. These include from being a PMC during project execution to commissioning for reviewing and monitoring progress and quality of project construction phase in an effort to ensure that all project components fully comply with the implementation of legal, financial, technical requirements. Our interdisciplinary field associates are accustomed to work in many areas of project management and supervision, enabling us to provide our clients with a full range of project management services.

Our services provide more detail information regarding how we have helped our respectful clients achieve their requirement.
• Project Management and O&M Advisory



We have also been recognized as one of the industry’s leading consultants in investment advisory. We advise our clients who wish to invest in gas/LNG business on many aspects involved in making such investments. Our expert consultants help companies make sense of their investments; our investment advisory services include feasibility study, professional opinion, contract development and negotiation, business development plan, economic evaluation & analysis, project due diligence, risk assessment and mitigation, and industry mapping.

To have more detailed information regarding our project and the achievement of project, please see our below project consulting experiences.

1. LNG Transportation, Terminal and Regasification Feasibility Study
Our client had been appointed by the Government of Indonesia to develop natural gas business in Eastern Indonesia through small scale Gas/LNG Transportation, Terminal, Regasification and Distribution. The direct objective of the Project is to secure the electricity demand with substitution of a high cost of diesel oil with a competitive cost of gas.

How we work?
The objective of the Feasibility Study was to recommend the appropriate gas transportation mode to be applied in 13 proposed power plant location based on the technical and economic perspective. In order to achieve the objective, we conducted following step.

  1. Identified potential site for the proposed gas/LNG terminal, investigates, and locates any interference of this project from the gas/LNG sources to the gas market location.
  2. Selected the short listed gas/LNG business value chain scenario that meet the selection criteria with a comparative analysis of technical/non-technical and economic aspects (after conducting project economic calculations
  3. Conducted economics evaluation for each location that include capital cost estimate and operating cost estimate,
  4. Assessed, analyzed and selected the most economical gas/LNG sources, transportation modes and end users,
  5. Analyzed the feasibility of the project which include technical aspects, economic aspects, market review, gas or LNG source assessment, competition and competitive edge and project risks and mitigations, and
  6. Provided recommended business structure, financing model, and proper gas transportation mode which provides the most economical price.

Our client has executed the project in several stages, based on the readiness of existing infrastructures, applicable transportation mode, security and gas/LNG supply.

2. BOG and Alpha Analysis of FSRU
Our client would utilize the gas from FSRU. There was a delay of the FSRU operation that impact of the Total Quantity Contract which lower than had been agreed and the changes of the gas demand from our client’s side. These changes had led to the higher Boil off Gas and Alpha to be charged to our client by the FSRU Owner. We helped our client to reach the win-win solution of these two factors.

How we work?
This consultancy service is intended to advise our client in making right decision related to the Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain competitive edge in the process.

  1. Developed Boil of Gas Factor formula applied for to-be-operated FSRU related to the FSRU Leasing Agreement.
  2. Consultancy services and advice on the Boil of Gas Analysis for FSRU related to Gas Send-Out to the end user.
  3. Evaluated the reasonable Capex and Opex Cost of the business could be charged to our client.
  4. Project Economic Calculation and Evaluation.
  5. Provide recommendation of the reasonable Boil of Gas and Alpha, depend on gas demand, Capex, Opex and project life time.

Our client had succeed to conduct BOG and Alpha negotiation as part of GSA. Both parties agreed to execute GSA for 11 years.

3. Due Diligence of Oil and Gas Project
Our client has to evaluate the viability of a proposed credit facility for Upstream Project from one of Indonesian PSC in technical and financial aspects before carrying out the investment plan.

How we work?

  1. The main objectives of study is to assist and to provide recommendation for our client’s business decision.
  2. Ensured that the project construction and operation is technically viable and economically feasible.
  3. Evaluated all of related document of credit facility proposal such as Gas Sales Agreement, Plan of Development the basis for the investment decision and as a bankable document for project financing.
  4. Identified any project failure in business value, project development to be hold or stopped, and other consequences that can cause of failure to loan repayment.

Our client had acknowledged the actual condition of their prospective borrower and could mitigate any risk as part of their Financial Agreement to prevent of loan repayment failure.

4. FEED Owner Estimate and Bidder’s Proposal Man-hours and Cost Review
Government of Indonesia was assessing the proposed Front End Engineering Design (FEED) budget from the Production Sharing Contractor for their LNG Project. GoI should give the right decision because this type of bidding was rarely to conduct and they had to ensure that the approved cost was acceptable and would not lead to Indonesian losses.

How we work?
This consultancy service is intended to advise our client in making right decision related to the acceptable man-hour and cost of FEED Work and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain competitive edge in the process.
* Developed Methodology to calculate the reasonable man-hour work and cost proposal from Bidder, and
* Calculated the reasonable man-hour and reasonable cost proposal of FEED Work that related to Scope & Quantity of Deliverables, Average Man-hour per specific document and Average Man-hour rate for Global and National Employer.

Our client had received the reasonable man-hour and reasonable cost to be charged for the FEED work for their basis as the decision maker.

5. Evaluation of Partnership Proposal for Mini LNG Plant Project
Our client had received Proposals from several Limited Companies (herein after “Partnership Proposals”) to establish a Joint Venture or Partnership for developing and operating Mini LNG Plant in Indonesia. To become a Venture Capitalist of the Project, our client wishes to participate in a business feasible and better than if the fund is invested in another venture

How we work?
The main objective of the Consultancy Services is to get indication on the viability of the Mini LNG Plant business development from technical and commercial aspects for our client to become investor, owner/shareholder and operator of the LNG facilities.

* Provided general concepts of full integrated LNG business value chain from gas source to gas end user,
* Developed of Partnership Criteria for Mini LNG Project (Technical Aspects, Business and Commercial Aspects and Risk Threshold),
* Conducted an evaluation of Prospective Partnership Proposal from those aspects,
* Identified other crucial issues that need special attention and proposed a counter measure or mitigation plan,
* Provided qualitative comparison analysis between all of Partnership Proposals based on above evaluation,
* Estimated Capex and Opex Cost of the LNG business value chain, and
* Developed the economic model and conduct the preliminary economic calculation of the LNG business value chain to get indicative gas price.

Our client had succeed to decide their partner for Mini LNG Plant Project based on our consideration on the report which not only included about the Prospective Partner Evaluation but also the potential gas price to the end user.

6. Pre-Feasibility Study of LNG for Multiple Transport Road Application
Our client intends to replace diesel oil by LNG from domestic sources (Arun, Badak, and/or Tangguh LNG Plant) as a transportation fuel for multiple public transport applications (i.e. long haul truck, intercity bus, and train) in Java.

How we work?
The main objective of The Study is to get indication on the viability of LNG for multiple transport applications in Java completed with the supply chain schemes (i.e. Establishing a network of LNG re-fuelling facilities on Java), the cost of investment, operation & maintenance over the life of the project by comparing several investment scenarios, and economic viability.
* Assessed various business cases for potential users,
* Provided information of the latest well proven technologies which consider safety operations and efficiency including original engine manufacturer covering across the value chain,
* Provided feasible supply chain schemes based on data provided by our client, and
* Provided qualitative comparison analysis between LNG Supply, LNG Carrier, LNG Terminal, LNG Filling Stations, and LNG Distribution in terms of technical, economics and delivery schedule aspects.

Our client had run their Pioneer Project by mid of 2014, converted 5 diesel trucks to utilize LNG as fuel.

7. East Kalimantan Gas Market Study
Our client has to extend their contract for utilizing the gas due to the expiration year of the contract. But they have to fully ensure that it would be beneficial to propose the new Plan of Development to Indonesia Government.

How we work?
The main objectives of East Kalimantan Gas Market Study are to identify and analyze prospective market and business opportunities in East Kalimantan area with regards to local and regional gas market demand, and to provide gas market recommendations for our client’s stakeholder.
* Determine economical market radius coverage for each gas transportation options (i.e. gas pipeline, CNG and LNG), and
* Conduct market priority listing and selection for gas pipeline, CNG and LNG transportation mode based on economical market radius coverage for each gas transportation options (Gas Market Value).

Our client had acknowledged the most prospective market for their gas which not only based on market coverage area, but also consideration of less investment, minimum risk, minimum human resources, limited technical competencies as a new Company in Indonesia, and common project outstanding issues in related Indonesian gas project.



We believe that good human capital development plays a pivotal role in helping any business grow and gain competitive advantage. In the are of human capital development, our clients receives the opportunity to tap our extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and connections. Our human capital development service includes training and workshop in many areas of knowledge, and competency-based development. Our human capital development resources can also be accessed via a comprehensive Knowledge Management System (KMS) that are made exclusively available for our distinguished clients.

Our below experiences show examples of how we have helped our clients achieve their needs.
• FSRU LNG Receiving Terminal Training
• Oil & Gas Development and Project Advisory Training
• Introduction to Capital Investment and Project Management Workshop
• Understanding LNG Business and FSRU Operation Workshop