For one of the largest gas/LNG producer in the world, we developed a Feasibility Study to “Convert an LNG liquefaction plant into an LNG receiving terminal”.

We also provided a Due Diligence Services for a national power company in “Developing a new gas supply contract from a floating LNG receiving terminal”.

In banking industries, we provided a Bankability Due Diligence Service for “Upstream oil & gas, and geothermal project investment loan proposal as well as technical education program in energy knowledge for one of the largest national banking company”

Rinder Energia also providing a Retainer Service for one of the largest international company in “Gas contract negotiation, gas/LNG project management, and design & operation audit of existing gas/LNG production facilities”



• Business Continuity Planning.
• Business Continuity Study-post.

PT Pertamina Gas

• Java Gas Market Research Survey.
• Sumatra Gas Market Research Survey.

PT PLN (Persero)

• Jakarta FSRU LNG Receiving Terminal (Project Due Diligence)
• Consultancy Services of West Java FSRU Project.

PT Bank Mandiri

• Oil & Gas Development & Project Advisory
• Due Diligence of Oil & Gas Project

INPEX Masela Ltd

• AGRU & LNG Process Technology Selection
• Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) Peer Review.

PT Pertamina Dir.

• Arun Regas Terminal Feed Supervisory
• Feasibility Study Of Central Java FSRU Project. • Feasibility Study Of LNG Transportation, Terminal & Regasification in Eastern Indonesia
• Pre-Feasibility Study Of Arun LNG Plant Re-Location
• Project Management Workshop
• Training Introduction To Capital Investment Management Process (CIMP)

SKK Migas

• Strategic Assurance Plan & Evaluation For Inpex ITT Bid Document
• Feed Owner Estimate & Bidders Proposal Man-hours & Cost Review.


• Understanding LNG Business and FSRU Operation
• Feasibility Study Of Mini LNG Plant.

PT Badak NGL

• Generic Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Job Study.

Mitsubishi Corp

• The Donggi Senoro Liquefied Natural Gas (DSLNG) Advisory
• Asia Pacific liquefied natural gas (LNG) Advisory.


• Market Research of Gas and Power Business Opportunities in Indonesia.


• Senior LNG Consultant Provision
• Evaluation of Partnership Proposal for PGN LNG.